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 Rising Above Technology: 

Promoting  Healthy Digital Use In Your Child's Life

Your Child’s Tech Healing Journey Starts Here. 

Access the Potential for Stronger Relationships with Your Children By Joining Us In This Two-Part Virtual Master Class!
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Love Listen and Play Founder, Abigail Ortega!
Open to all parents, education professionals and
mental health professionals who have or work with children.
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By The End of This Master Class You Will 

Know how technology impacts your children's development.

Understanding the impact of technology on a child’s development is critical when deciding what boundaries and limits are appropriate to set. In this module, we will review the positive and negative impacts technology can have on children overall, as well as signs that may indicate a child’s addiction to technology. Understanding the link between your use of technology and your child’s use of technology will also be critical.

Have the skills you need to manage difficult behaviors during screen time.

Setting boundaries and limitations around technology doesn’t have to be difficult. In this module, we will learn effective ways to implement technology limitations as well as learn what sustainable uses of technology and digital detoxes look like.

Learn to promote the healthy use of technology with your children.

Learn how to encourage our children to use technology in a group setting and to become powerful digital citizens who are able to use the internet as an asset above all else.

Learning how to engage with your child outside of technology.

Building a relationship with our children inside and outside of technology is crucial for their development. Here we learn how to best foster parent involvement in your child’s use of technology and how to manage boredom or lack of interest outside of its use, as well as learn to implement mindful and creative techniques that support balance for your child both on and offline. 

Meet Abigail Ortega,

Abigail’s love for her work stems from her personal experiences as a child caring for her younger brother, who had learning and behavioral challenges. Abigail’s compassion for her younger brother fueled her desire to become a therapist later in life.

Through caring for her sibling, she developed great insight and empathy for parents who have difficulties with their children. The skills she acquired through this experience have also been invaluable in her work with parents and their children.

Counseling Experience

Before starting her private counseling practice, Abigail worked in several community and medical settings. Her diverse experience included providing assessments and therapy to people and families of all ages and backgrounds.

In addition to Abigail’s extensive experience working with children and families, she has expertise in counseling high-risk populations, mothers with maternal depression, clients with chemical dependencies, and those with psychiatric disorders.



Gilda Pettit, MBA founder of Changing Paths Foundation. 

"Abigail's course was impressive!  Excellent content and relevant to today's unprecedented times. I highly recommend everyone to listen to her webinar. It's beneficial for adults as well. "



Sugeidy, New Jersey Participant 

"This course was such an eye opener for me. As a parent to young children, it was so helpful to have a better understanding of what happens to our children when exposed to technology.  Because technology isn't going away, it is critical that we teach them how to develop a health relationship with it." 

Lyna, California Participant 

"The information and focus on the overall increase in usage of technology in our society and how it is affecting our children was so useful! Sometimes we forget what life was like before smartphones. This was an important reminder to create breaks from technology, to enjoy real life, and to be more conscious about how much we are using technology in front of our kids. "

Empowering Our Children to Develop Healthy Relationships With Technology 

                                           Restore Balance to Your Family's Life 

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